Fighting counterfeit cosmetics in Baiyun District of Guangzhou

On July 25, the professional market control conference of Baiyun District of Guangzhou was held. The leaders of the food and drug ring investigation team, economic investigation team, Baiyun District Public Security Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau and other governm

Gynecological gel processing manufacturers: Women's private parts of these problems should be careful.

In fact, nowadays, people are more or less a little gynecological disease, the difference is serious or not. For some private diseases, we should not neglect them. We should pay enough attention to them so as not to cause other hazards. Gynecology gel generation processing plant Sai Mei pharmaceutic

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According to the National Urban Women's Health Questionnaire, more than 85% of women attach importance to private health, but only 20% of them have private maintenance habits. In China, about 470 million women aged 25-48 are consuming reproductive maintenance products per capita for 40 yuan per

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For women's private cleaning, some female friends will think of warm water cleaning private. But I want to remind you: don't wash with clean water too often! Because privacy itself is a balanced flora environment, excessive cleaning will destroy the balance of the original flora, so bacteria