Gynecology gel manufacturers processing antibacterial gel, your brand one-stop build base.

2019-08-02 09:38:11 Saimei yaoye 109

According to the National Urban Women's Health Questionnaire, more than 85% of women attach importance to private health, but only 20% of them have private maintenance habits. In China, about 470 million women aged 25-48 are consuming reproductive maintenance products per capita for 40 yuan per month, which generates more than 200 billion yuan of market scale annually. More and more dealers and big brands began to pay attention to the private market. Gynecological gel is a good choice product. So how to choose a reliable gynecology gel generation processing factory.

There are many things in common.

Below Saimei Pharmaceutical Editor to give you an analysis:

1. Field visits to gynecological gel processing plants will be conducted in the lab of gynecological gel production, laboratory, and real understanding of gynecological gel processing plants. From this you can feel the factory's service and management, and the factory's production strength. To be a product, quality is certainly the first element. Price is an important reference factor. Therefore, if you want to process female products, you must inspect the bacteriostasis gel factory, and do not make your own hard bed brand. We have come to see each other for thousands of miles in order to strategize the sales of our products. In order to build our brand, all these efforts are necessary.

2. Do you have your own antibacterial gel brand R & D room and R & D team. A factory without its own R & D office and R & D team is like a life without soul. Many brand name gynecological gels factories do not have their own labs and R & D teams, so they can not talk about the ability to innovate and develop recipes. If you want to make good products, you have to choose a promising and independent innovation. And R&D capabilities of production enterprises!

3. The strength of R&D team. Not just a few research and development personnel, but the qualifications of R & D personnel, the innovative products and effects of gynecological gels developed, and so on. At the same time, whether the laboratory equipment and production equipment are advanced is an important factor in determining whether the bacteriostasis gel processing plant can develop new formulations. The important factors of the handle and appearance, so choose gynecological gel OEM processing factory must see whether the factory equipment is advanced.

4. Advanced equipment, efficient production efficiency, adequate warehouse space. In terms of equipment, it is not easy to take out so many sets to illustrate the problem. From testing, production, to canning, all links need high-end equipment support in order to truly guarantee the quality of products and delivery speed. The worry of brands is that when factories are done, the factories are supplied with goods, and the goods are most feared. Secondly, they are stocked up. There is no place to store them, such as Guangzhou Sai Mei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 1500 mu land, 100 thousand square large warehouses and 12 gel production lines. Solve your worries.

Generally speaking, most brands try gynecological gel samples to know the quality of products, and believe that customers' vision is bright. Factories should not only have strength, but also ensure quality, and must have advanced equipment. They must have the courage to innovate and professional knowledge and R & D teams. Quality managers and enthusiastic industry representatives. Only normal, service in place of gynecological gel processing plant can truly let customers feel from the heart, production to sales to save worry and save trouble.