Fighting counterfeit cosmetics in Baiyun District of Guangzhou

2019-08-03 10:36:32 Saimei yaoye 69

    On July 25, the professional market control conference of Baiyun District of Guangzhou was held. The leaders of the food and drug ring investigation team, economic investigation team, Baiyun District Public Security Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau and other government departments, as well as 60 professional markets and related industry associations of the whole district participated in the conference. The meeting briefed on the achievements made in cracking down on counterfeiting in Baiyun District. In the first half of the year, 512 cases involving counterfeiting were cracked down, 470 people were detained and 220 people were arrested. At the same time, it is pointed out that under the situation of high-pressure anti-counterfeiting, there are still some outstanding problems in the control of counterfeiting in various professional markets, such as the formality of the system, the neglect of business management, the vacancy of personnel, and the existence of blind spots outside the field.

    In order to further promote the development of anti-counterfeiting work in Baiyun District, the Baiyun District Government recently issued and implemented the Special Work Program for Combating the Illegal Activities of Manufacturing and Selling Counterfeit and Low-quality Commodities in Guangzhou Baiyun District in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), in which cosmetics is one of the key products for special anti-counterfeiting action. The Plan emphasizes that we should focus on cracking down on the production, circulation and sales areas, namely, by purifying the source of production, rectifying the circulation market, checking the rental warehouse, and standardizing the sale through the Internet.

    Purify the source of cosmetic production. Fighting cosmetics counterfeiting focuses on four towns, Junhe Street, Baiyunhu Street and Jiahe Street, and combines Sanyuanli Street and Jingtai Street to crack down on cosmetics professional market groups. Strengthen the inspection of cosmetics manufacturing enterprises, severely investigate and punish illegal acts such as counterfeiting registered trademarks, trademark approximation, patent infringement of packaging design, counterfeiting factory name, forging origin, printing false labels and packaging, severely deal with licensed enterprises, and investigate criminal responsibility for suspected crimes; find out that unlicensed students All birthplaces are banned, involving the demolition of illegal buildings according to law. At the same time, joint investigation is carried out on cosmetics manufacturing enterprises within their jurisdiction that have no emission permit, annual tax less than 500,000 yuan, and whose products have been reported unqualified for many times. If illegal acts are found in the enterprises, the relevant functional departments shall punish them according to law, and if the suspected crimes are committed, the public security departments shall investigate the criminal responsibility; and the public security departments shall persist in helping the former enterprises simultaneously. Then, we should guide enterprises to transform and upgrade.

    Three false closures for one month. We will intensify the inspection and supervision of six cosmetics markets in Sanyuanli Street and Jingtai Street as well as the surrounding express delivery points, and strictly investigate the illegal acts of sending fake and inferior commodities and providing "off-site line" and false logistics information services. Compact the supervisory responsibilities and obligations of market organizers, urge market organizers to strengthen on-site inspection, timely report false phenomena, and take the first warning, the second administrative penalty and the third closure for 30 days to deal with the market where false acts are found.

    Rental warehousing is liable for fraud. The anti-fraud campaign will comprehensively strengthen the supervision and inspection of rental property, especially in the cosmetics market and the surrounding residential quarters, residential buildings, office buildings, warehouses and other rental sites around logistics freight terminals, carry out a "carpet" normal inventory, establish a "blacklist" of rental sites related to fraud, implement key monitoring, and open regularly. "Return to check". Sign the responsibility letter of not storing and selling fake goods with the owner of rental house, and severely punish the owner of rental house in accordance with the law. Those who violate the criminal law should be investigated for criminal responsibility.

    Tracking online, banning offline. Baiyun District Counterfeiting Task Force actively docked with Wechat headquarters, with the help of Wechat Brand Rights Defense Platform, grasped the information of fake micro-businesses, and jointly explored the long-term cooperation mechanism of "online clues, offline traceability", using large data to accurately locate the distribution and circulation direction of regional fake goods, and increased the same degree of attack on online sales fake. At the same time, Shun Teng Tougua banned the production and sale of false nests, to achieve both online and offline treatment of symptoms. (Source: China Consumer Daily)