Emulsifying equipment

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot is all equipped with German technology, 316 stainless steel material, Siemens frequency conversion motor, electronic control device and transmission device, German technology, high-speed emulsifying homogenizing, etc. to ensure that paste is delicate and bright.

* Fully clean pipelines, tanks, two-stage reverse osmosis module using the American Dow 8080 membrane, EDI membrane stack for Siemens membrane stack, with automatic cleaning function.

The whole machine is controlled by Siemens PLC, which can automatically monitor the water quality and adjust the PH value of water quality.

All tanks are equipped with submerged sterilization system, and the final outlet is equipped with large-scale overflow sterilization system to ensure the quality of effluent.

The conductivity of ultra-pure water is as low as 0.06 ugs/cm. (Generally, the conductivity of water is 4-5 ugs/cm in the same industry.)

Each model of 50L/150L/300L/300L/500L/1000L vacuum emulsifier is set.

Skin-care irrigation and packaging equipment

1 filling and sealing machine

Enhance the packaging efficiency of hose packaging products, easier for workers to operate.

1 automatic water cream filling machine

Fully automatic filling, accurate, safe, efficient, constant capacity, controllable throughout.

Mask filling machine 8.

Mask special essence filling equipment, seal is more beautiful, filling more precise and safe.

Four fully automatic bagging machines

Six fully automatic transparent film packaging machines

Automatic intelligent appearance packaging, optimize the appearance of products, enhance the visual appeal of products.

Makeup Irrigation and Packaging Equipment

* Three imported fully automatic silicone lipstick machines

* One ordinary lipstick machine

Three Upper Press Powder Presses

Five Down Press Powder Compressors

Two single-end filling machines

Multicolor Powder Irrigation Press 1 Set

Mascara filling machine 2 sets

One eyebrow pencil filling machine

Three Automatic Transparent Film Packaging Machines