What's the difference between a clean wipe and a sanitary wipe?

There are many kinds of wipes on the market now, such as baby cleaning wipes, general cleaning wipes, makeup removing wipes, female nursing sanitary wipes, sanitary wipes, functional wipes and so on. Although they are collectively called wet wipes, in fact, there are great differences between clean

How about a sanitary wipe? Does it hurt your body if you use too much?

Wet towel can be divided into ordinary wet towel and sanitary wet towel. Most of the ordinary wet towels do not have disinfection effect, only part of the cleaning effect. The sanitary wipes are not only widely used, but also have disinfection effect.With the expansion of the sanitary Wipes Market a

What's the difference between ordinary wipes - Sanitary wipes - medical disinfection wipes

It was thought that there was only difference between ordinary wipes and disinfection wipes, but after the standard of sanitary wipes (click: full text of WS575-2017 Sanitary Wipes Hygienic Requirements) came out a few days ago, the wipes became a tripod-legged form, namely: ordinary wipes, sanitary

How do women delay aging? Collection of these tips

Aging is unavoidable with age, but we can delay aging through some methods. The following gynecologic gel OEM Xiaobian tells you how to postpone senility.Female friends must learn how to maintain themselves. Otherwise, as they grow older, they are prone to skin laxity and aging, and their physical f

Is it too expensive to go to a beauty salon? See how you can do it at home

Many people are bothered by the problem of relaxation, and many people are trying or trying various methods of Yin reduction. And how to shrink Yin at ordinary times has also been concerned by many female friends.Blind choice does not bring compactness, it may waste a lot of money and energy, the re

Which is suitable for gynecological powder and private gel? What should we pay attention to?

Effect of powder and tender gel on gynecology1. Prevent vaginal aging, expel a large number of old cells from vagina and uterus, avoid cross infection of urinary and reproductive system, repair elastic fibers lost by vaginal aging, supplement nutrition, restore muscle elasticity, slow down the proce

What causes pelvic inflammation?

Acute pelvic inflammation is more common in women with menstruation and sexual activity. Acute pelvic inflammation mainly includes acute endometritis, acute salpingitis, acute tubal ovarian abscess, acute pelvic peritonitis and acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation. The development of acute pe

still in contact with this? Watch out for menstrual disorders!

Irregular menstruation is a common symptom of women. There are many reasons for irregular menstruation in life, most of which are caused by women's own attention.Reasons for irregular menstruation1. Eat super-cold foodMany women are not paying attention to their bodies during menstruation, often