Is it too expensive to go to a beauty salon? See how you can do it at home

2019-07-30 10:34:56 Saimei yaoye 93

Many people are bothered by the problem of relaxation, and many people are trying or trying various methods of Yin reduction. And how to shrink Yin at ordinary times has also been concerned by many female friends.

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Blind choice does not bring compactness, it may waste a lot of money and energy, the result is disappointing, and even cause some harm to oneself. Gynecologic gel manufacturers say that if you want to shrink the skin, you must first find out where the root causes are.

Based on this point, based on the reproductive characteristics of female friends, Sai Mei Pharmaceutical Co., with a compact gel as a carrier, repaired broken elastic fibrous tissues to restore compact.


As for the causes of relaxation, many people subconsciously believe that it is caused by fertility. In fact, there is more than one cause, whether it is spontaneous or cesarean section, or abortion is the cause of relaxation, and age, hormone secretion decline or long-term gynecological inflammation can not be resolved is also one of the reasons.

Whatever the reasons for the relaxation, the fundamental reason lies in the breakage of elastic fibers in the vaginal muscles of women. Saimei Pharmaceutical, taking safety as its responsibility, has accumulated a reputation for 20 years, which is famous for repairing broken elastic fiber tissue.

Usually at home how to shrink Yin, in fact, there are many free methods, the following several might as well try.

The method of sports is not unfamiliar to many people, but it can be done at home. Exercise can not only help shrink Yin, but also keep healthy. But because it can not achieve the result of repairing the broken elastic fiber tissue, it is difficult to succeed in shrinking yin. The specific methods are as follows:

Open your legs and stand flat with your shoulders. Raise your hands forward, squat down while inhaling. Keep your hands in line with your back. When you exhale, contract your hip muscles. Repeat 8 groups at a time.

Contracts the buttocks, draws close to the thighs, and turns the knees outward. Then the sphincter buttocks are contracted and forced upward.

Walking exercise, whether walking or standing, on the way to and from work, the bus can consciously tighten the thighs and perineum muscles, and then slowly relax, not subject to time and space constraints, countless repetitive exercises can feel the effect.

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