How do women delay aging? Collection of these tips

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Aging is unavoidable with age, but we can delay aging through some methods. The following gynecologic gel OEM Xiaobian tells you how to postpone senility.


Female friends must learn how to maintain themselves. Otherwise, as they grow older, they are prone to skin laxity and aging, and their physical function declines obviously.

How do women delay aging? What are the symptoms of women's aging?


1. More hairs on the face

Beautiful girls attach great importance to their own facial conditions, if there is any abnormality, it can be found immediately. And there are a lot of beards on our lips in our lives, but as time goes on, our facial hairs will increase, because our estrogen level decreases with age.

2. Hair loss

Many women's hair is getting smaller and smaller after they get old, especially after they are 50 years old. Both men and women have this problem, which is mainly related to the decrease of estrogen in our body. And our eyebrows will become sparse.

3. Decline and distortion of the five senses

As we get older, our eyesight and hearing will decrease, and the key is that our ears and noses will droop and become bigger, not as small and delicate as before. This situation would be even worse if people had the habit of wearing earrings.

4. There will be green tendons and spots on the back of the hand.

In fact, if we are old, not only the skin of the face will be aging, but also our hands and feet, because there is little fat in the hands, coupled with a lot of exposure to the outside world, age spots will easily appear, and even green tendons will protrude.

How Women Delay Aging


1. Pay attention to cellulose supplementation

Women are prone to constipation and obesity as soon as they get older. Adequate cellulose can promote defecation, but also play a role in reducing blood lipids and preventing obesity. Therefore, it is suggested that women should eat more food with relatively rich cellulose in their daily life. Bamboo shoots, lettuce, mushrooms, cherries, pomegranates and so on are all relatively rich in cellulose. It is suggested that women should eat more in their daily life.

2. Massage skin more

Women's skin is actually a gradual process of aging, especially for women between 25 and 40 years old, more attention should be paid to maintaining their skin. This is because with the degradation of the functions of various organs of the body, the collagen loss of the skin surface is faster, so the cells can not support the skin structure, resulting in aging problems, so more attention should be paid to daily massage of the skin, can cooperate with essential oil for massage.

3. Wash your face often

Frequent washing not only keeps your face clean, but also is one of the best ways to fight aging. Because women's skin is vulnerable to radiation, environmental pollution and other aspects of the impact of daily learning and work, plus the epithelial skin itself will secrete grease. Frequent facial washing can remove these problems, which can greatly ensure the smooth skin glands and pores, promote the normal metabolism of the skin, and is more conducive to anti-aging, whitening.