How about a sanitary wipe? Does it hurt your body if you use too much?

2019-08-05 10:12:25 Saimei yaoye 96

Wet towel can be divided into ordinary wet towel and sanitary wet towel. Most of the ordinary wet towels do not have disinfection effect, only part of the cleaning effect. The sanitary wipes are not only widely used, but also have disinfection effect.

With the expansion of the sanitary Wipes Market and the increasing demand, it brings a lot of market chaos. In recent years, new brands and packages have emerged in an endless stream, and the quality of many wet towel brands varies.

Buying inferior wet wipes not only can't clean and sterilize, but also can be contaminated by pathogens!

How about a sanitary wipe?

Sanitary wipes have national invention patents and are special products for many hospitals. It is a functional sanitary wipe with super sterilization, deodorization and decontamination.

Was it harmful to use too much sanitary wipes?

For home kitchen, it can perfect solve the kitchen bacterial grease scale, whether it is soot machine or stove dirt, as long as a gentle wipe, it can sterilize and clean as new!

Used for washing face and removing makeup. As long as you gently wipe with a sanitary wipe, you can say goodbye to greasy face, instantly refreshing as before, and can sterilize, prevent external bacterial infection!

For cleaning glasses, mobile phones and computer screens. A gentle wipe can make the glasses and mobile screen look new! No impurities, no paper residues!

4. Cleaning and disinfection of pets at home. Pet cats or dogs are self-infected! If the pet's claws are not cleaned properly, they will infect people with germs! With sanitary wipes, more than 99% of common pathogens can be quickly killed within 30 seconds.

_Disinfection and cleaning of windows, steering wheel and seats for outgoing tourists. Everyone in the car family knows that when traveling in the field, they need to put a lot of food in the car, which will make the windows, steering wheel and seats dirty and messy. Branco Cologne's sanitary wipes, no matter what food stains, as long as they are wiped, the car is clean and fresh immediately.

Children do not have hygienic awareness, often are hand-held mud, even if washed with water, there will be a lot of residual germs! And children are more likely to bite their fingers, they are more likely to be infected with germs!

Sanitary wipes can be disinfected and cleaned with a gentle wipe, which saves time and worry and protects children's safe play.