Can women use gynecological gels? What are the uses of gynecological gels?

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Women are often plagued by a variety of gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, pruritus, cervical erosion and other diseases. These diseases can be treated by gynecological gel. Gynecological gels have less side effects. There are many kinds of gynecological gels, such as deep-sea gel, plant gel, animal gel and so on. Gynecological gel has the function of anti-inflammatory, and can also remove the stasis in the uterus.


Gynecological gel adaptation range:

Gynecological gel is suitable for gynecological and vaginal infections caused by various pathogenic microorganisms, including mycotic (Candida) vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, gonorrheal vaginitis, vaginal mixed infection and other vaginitis, itching, cervical erosion, odor, leucorrhea and so on. Antibacterial, anti-pruritus and cleaning of adnexitis, pelvic inflammation, endometritis, senile vaginitis and vaginal swelling and itching.

Gynecological gel uses:

Natural gels exist in natural plants such as plant gelatin (Marine and terrestrial plants), animal gels, alpine gels (minerals) and so on. They are sticky in nature but have their own characteristics. The new gel ingredients extracted from these natural substances, and the combination of various gel components, make the skin experience a feeling that has never been felt before.

The new gel components extracted from cellulose, plant seeds and minerals and natural materials are used to synthesize the intercellular lipids in the skin through biochemical engineering.

Deep sea gel: rich in vitamins and trace minerals, it is effective in preventing aging.

Plant gelatin: promotes skin regeneration, and has anti-inflammatory and sedative functions.

Alpine gel: has the function of sterilization, anti-corrosion and good adsorption capacity.

Animal gelatin: activate cells, increase skin elasticity and moisture retention.

To solve the problem of skin dryness and lingering skin trouble, cosmetics so far mainly add moisture and oil, and do not meet the real needs of skin. Human skin cells have the same moisturizing function as natural gel, which is an important quality factor of gel. Natural gel has good air permeability to moisturize and lock water, so that the skin will maintain a lasting skin affinity.


Gel skin care products are popular in Japan's beauty industry for its natural, safe, oil-free and non additive products. In China, gel skin care products are in the initial stage, and are more famous, such as Jeru muscle, such as gel skin care products. But it is foreseeable that in the near future, gel skin care products will be favored by more and more Chinese beauty lovers.

How about using gynecological gel?

The private gel products have become the preferred choice for consumers to prevent gynecological inflammation and promote health by isolating protection, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and repairing mucosa.

Gynecological gel is pure natural plant extract. It has no side effects.

According to the principles of World Health Organization (WHO) and cell cosmetology, we should follow the principles of no stimulation, no side effects, moisturizing and protecting the secretion of female reproductive mucosal tissue cells. Modern biotechnology was used to screen natural biomaterials, and the gynecological saints were scientifically proportioned and refined. It has the functions of clearing Yin, eliminating inflammation, clearing toxin, keeping the nest and protecting the palace lamp. It does not need surgery and has no side effects.


Main effects:

1. Restore the vitality of vaginal muscles, enhance vaginal elasticity and tighten the vagina.

How about using gynecological gel?

2. Balance endocrine and prevent famous gynecological diseases caused by vaginal impurity.

3. Postpartum uterine contraction, promote metabolism, lochia faster elimination.

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