To do gynecological gel OEM OEM generation processing business must understand these.

2019-08-01 09:50:58 Saimei yaoye 105

Nowadays, women's market prospects are infinite, especially in the direction of female reproductive health in recent years. Many well-known brands have made great efforts in this area. Very interested in gynecology gel OEM OEM interested friends often come to Guangzhou gynecological gel factory consultation gel processing, I will patiently explain to them every time. But I want to write an article here to help more friends. The question is: what should we know when gelatin OEM is processed?

Now that you can see this article, you don't need to explain what is the gel OEM OEM. I went straight to the point. What do you need to do before looking for a gel processing plant?

1. Registered companies, registered companies have mainland companies, Hong Kong companies. If you find an intermediary to register the company. Mainland companies cost about 2,000 yuan, Hong Kong companies about 5,000 yuan, Hong Kong companies, you can name any French companies and so on.

2. Registered trademarks, of course, the state is not a compulsory registered trademark, but in this era of increasing importance of intellectual property rights, you still have to register trademarks. And there's no loss. You can also sell some money when the trademark is converted into R. When it comes to trademarks, many friends ask: I just registered my trademark, can I produce products? Trademark pass rate has a certain opportunity, the general intermediary company will give you, in the pass rate is more than 80%, can basically make goods. Generally, the notice of acceptance of trademark will be received in three months, and it will be converted into R mark in one year. But it's really hard to think of a brand name. I've been thinking about it for a long time, and I haven't come up with a good name. This name also has something to do with the customer base you are targeting. Many customers will use more modern, international terms.

3. Find factories and choose products. This needs to find a relatively experienced factory, such as Sai Mei pharmaceutical, which has 20 years of gynecological gel OEM OEM experience to make products, strong production capacity, of course, the most important thing is to find a factory that can consider the problem for you. After all, you are the first time to make products, many problems are not very clear. There are many problems that you can't consider.

If you choose a product, you need to control the cost according to the customer group you are targeting. To low, medium and high-grade these types can be customized in the factory. So many customers have asked me the price, I really can not answer her. All products are made according to customers'requirements.

4. the most important point is the cost. Many people came to ask me how much money needed for gynecological gel processing before they could make the product. To be honest, it's okay for you to invest millions. In fact, according to different positioning, of course, investment is also different. So it is determined according to the actual situation. The cost of each part of the gel product can be determined. Gel outer box + gel bag + gel itself. The main cost is in the gel outer box. Gel box from 1 to more than a few pieces, gel types are mainly three kinds: bacteriostasis gel, compact gel, maintenance gel.

The effect of the gel itself is certainly more expensive. I would like to say to my client, do not always say that my gel is expensive, which is mainly made from herbal extracts. Genuine herbs do not dare to fool customers with inferior products. Mainly high-quality boxes and other packaging materials, ah, we are processing plants, their own earnings are cost prices and labor costs. Profits are not high.

Having said these four points, I probably understand some of them, mainly depending on the service situation of the cooperative factory. A good business manager will definitely tell you about it. Finally, I would like to advise you that the most popular saying is that good goods are not cheap, cheap goods are not good, which is the truth verified by the market. The price of online apportionment knowingly can't buy a big brand of products, you have to fall for it. Don't deceive yourself. The only way to test the truth is time and word of mouth.