Companies engaged in gynecological gel OEM sales enterprises choose bacteriostasis gel manufacturers to know these four points.

2019-08-01 09:51:36 Saimei yaoye 90


The gel OEM is used for processing / OEM, Chinese medicine extract + professional line. It is an electronic business / micro / direct selling / chain drugstore processing base. It is tailored for customers. How does the OEM manufacturer share the gynecological gel processing?

Now there are many gynecological gel products on the market, there are also many brands, and production qualification is also various. At present, there are two kinds of gynecologic gels on the market, one is gynecological gel gynecological gel manufacturer, the other is gynecology gel manufacturer. From the main components, it is mainly divided into Chinese herbal ingredients gynecological gel manufacturers and silver ion gynecological gel manufacturers and other Western medicine ingredients. The following is mainly from these two aspects to analyze how we choose gynecological gel and gynecological gel manufacturers.


First: from the standpoint of qualification, the main selling channels of gynecological gels are offline channels and online channels, while the mechanical name gynecological gel can only be sold online. The function and efficacy of the two will not be different because of the different batch numbers. So here we recommend gynecological gel gynecological gel manufacturers.

How to judge gynecological gel? According to the regulations of the State Pharmaceutical Administration and the health department, only the gynecological products with the words "health certificate + year + XXX" issued by the State Health Department on the packaging are truly qualified for examination and approval by the State Food and Drug Administration and the health department, and conform to the statutory regulations on female reproductive health products. Bokai Industrial Park

Second: choose a gynecological gel manufacturer to set up a comparison factory. After all, the product can survive for so long, the effect is good, otherwise the product and the factory will be gone.

Third, the packaging of gynecological gel has certain specifications: for example, prohibition of labeling, disinfection, drugs, high efficiency, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, treatment of diseases, relieving or relieving symptoms of diseases, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, and no test basis of the use of objects and shelf life and so on. Gynecological gels should also prohibit labeling of bacteriostasis and bacteriostasis without testing basis. Herbal Gel manufacturer

Fourth, gynecological gel products should also have third party testing reports, safety evaluation reports and other qualifications. Only those qualified gynecologic gels manufacturers produce products are regular gynecological gel products.

The above points, whether consumers, or gynecologic gel OEM, gynecology gel processing enterprises should be aware of the matters needing attention. Finally, I wish you all the best gynecological gel manufacturers.