What's the difference between a clean wipe and a sanitary wipe?

There are many kinds of wipes on the market now, such as baby cleaning wipes, general cleaning wipes, makeup removing wipes, female nursing sanitary wipes, sanitary wipes, functional wipes and so on. Although they are collectively called wet wipes, in fact, there are great differences between clean

How about a sanitary wipe? Does it hurt your body if you use too much?

Wet towel can be divided into ordinary wet towel and sanitary wet towel. Most of the ordinary wet towels do not have disinfection effect, only part of the cleaning effect. The sanitary wipes are not only widely used, but also have disinfection effect.With the expansion of the sanitary Wipes Market a

What's the difference between ordinary wipes - Sanitary wipes - medical disinfection wipes

It was thought that there was only difference between ordinary wipes and disinfection wipes, but after the standard of sanitary wipes (click: full text of WS575-2017 Sanitary Wipes Hygienic Requirements) came out a few days ago, the wipes became a tripod-legged form, namely: ordinary wipes, sanitary

How do women delay aging? Collection of these tips

Aging is unavoidable with age, but we can delay aging through some methods. The following gynecologic gel OEM Xiaobian tells you how to postpone senility.Female friends must learn how to maintain themselves. Otherwise, as they grow older, they are prone to skin laxity and aging, and their physical f

Fighting counterfeit cosmetics in Baiyun District of Guangzhou

On July 25, the professional market control conference of Baiyun District of Guangzhou was held. The leaders of the food and drug ring investigation team, economic investigation team, Baiyun District Public Security Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau and other governm

Gynecological gel processing manufacturers: Women's private parts of these problems should be careful.

In fact, nowadays, people are more or less a little gynecological disease, the difference is serious or not. For some private diseases, we should not neglect them. We should pay enough attention to them so as not to cause other hazards. Gynecology gel generation processing plant Sai Mei pharmaceutic

Gynecology gel manufacturers processing antibacterial gel, your brand one-stop build base.

According to the National Urban Women's Health Questionnaire, more than 85% of women attach importance to private health, but only 20% of them have private maintenance habits. In China, about 470 million women aged 25-48 are consuming reproductive maintenance products per capita for 40 yuan per

Companies engaged in gynecological gel OEM sales enterprises choose bacteriostasis gel manufacturers to know these four points.

The gel OEM is used for processing / OEM, Chinese medicine extract + professional line. It is an electronic business / micro / direct selling / chain drugstore processing base. It is tailored for customers. How does the OEM manufacturer share the gynecological gel processing?Now there are many gynec